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Join our ever-increasing client base of small businesses who trust us with their payroll needs – from those with hundreds of staff to those who only have one employee. We understand that every business has different requirements, which is why we tailor our solutions to fit you. Let’s look at why you should be outsourcing payroll below:

Focus on other aspects of your business rather than having to worry about payroll.

Running payroll doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming – if we run it for you.

Cutting through the compliance red tape

Prepare efficiently for your payroll taxes and year-end HMRC payroll compliance

Have access to payroll professionals whenever necessary

Professional employer organization

Access to reports anytime

Start up company payroll services

What our start-up business payroll management solutions provide:

By using BrightPay payroll software, we can easily achieve our goal of making your staff happy, confirming our placement as one of the best payroll outsourcing services in the UK. BrightPay keeps everything highly efficient, calculating each employee’s salary and how much needs to be transferred to HMRC for taxes and National Insurance.

With the BrightPay app, your employees can also easily view and access their payslips.

Speak to our team about your start-up business payroll


We’ll find the right solution for your business.

What’s more, we can also help with:

Determining statutory payments for employees taking sick days and maternity leave.

Process earnings attachment orders

Resolve any issues your staff has regarding their pay.

Completing year-end procedures such as issuing P60s.

Make sure your tax codes are up to date

Determine and turn in Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) returns

As well as helping small businesses with a fully managed payroll solution, we can also help with:

Calculating employee’s net and gross pay

Calculating your HMRC payments

Process p45s and P60s

Ensuring correct payroll tax codes are in place

Calculating statutory payments such as sick pay and maternity pay

Better yet, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your employees are paid on time every time.

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How Does Our Payroll Process Work

The benefits of outsourcing your start-up business payroll requirements

Save money from day 1

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much money you save by implementing our cost-effective solutions.

Save yourself huge amounts of time.

Outsource payroll today and make the most of your time by allowing us to run your payroll for you.

Get a good night’s sleep

Do you want to free yourself from the burden of correctly calculating payroll and taxes, while staying compliant?

Quick implementation

At, Angel Bookkeeping and Payroll Services, we understand that your business is time-sensitive so our team will work with you to make sure your deadlines are met.

Angel Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

– the payroll specialists you can trust


Having been in the payroll industry for over a decade, we know how complicated and unique each individual payroll processing run can be, especially for start-up businesses. Using the very latest in payroll software and payroll system management, we can help you manage your payroll process with efficiency and accuracy so that you can focus on growing your business. That’s why we’ve created special solutions that take the pressure off of business owners.

This way, you can focus on what you’re good at!

Join the ranks of our happy start-up business clients who already trust us with our start-up company payroll services and see just why we’re rated as one of the best payroll providers in the UK.

Our solutions for start-ups are affordable, will save you time, and help you sleep better at night – whether you have one employee or many.



What is payroll data/employee data?

Payroll data refers to the financial information used in calculating employee salaries and wages.

What are contractor payments? (CIS)

Contractor payments are a type of payroll data that is used to calculate and process the wages of independent contractors or freelancers. This type of pay typically includes a flat fee, as opposed to an hourly rate or salary, depending on the terms of their contract.

What different payroll platforms/payroll software are there?

There are many different payroll platforms available, depending on the size and needs of your business. Some popular options include payroll software that can be used in-house or cloud-based systems that can be accessed remotely. Examples of such software are Brightpay and Wave Payroll.

What is a HR service provider, and why use one?

A HR service provider helps start-up businesses manage their payroll data and contractor payments. Our service is easy to use, customizable, and highly secure, so you can focus on growing your business without worrying about compliance issues or administrative tasks like calculating employee salaries and wages. Whether you need help with one-time direct deposits or ongoing contractor payments, our team is here to help.

Which companies are recognised as trustworthy payroll providers?

Angel Bookkeeping & Payroll Services is one of the leading providers of payroll services in the UK. We have years of experience helping businesses manage their payroll data and contractor payments, and we offer a range of affordable, customizable solutions to suit the needs of any start-up business. Our team is highly experienced, reliable, and trustworthy, making us a top choice for businesses looking to outsource their payroll tasks.

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