How can we help you?

As a well-established and trusted payroll company, the team at Angel Bookkeeping want to be by your side. Whether you’re drowning in payroll duties, need to cut some costs down or simply want to hand it all over to the experts, our team are on hand to help.

We are fast, flexible and affordable, offering an all-in-one system solution to your payroll needs.

Payroll information – what information will we need

Employee full name

Employee National Insurance number


Email address

Date of birth

Hours worked or monthly pay

Pay rate

Any deductions or withholdings

    (Please ensure all employees accurately submit this information)
5 reasons to outsource your payroll

Why use digital payroll services?

Compliance – HMRC requires digital submissions under RTI

Convenience – easily access and update information, no need for physical paperwork

Accuracy – less room for human error when inputting information and calculating pay

Saves time – automatic calculations and fast payment deposit options eliminate manual tasks

Security – sensitive information is protected through secure online platforms

Flexibility – employees can access their payroll information anytime, anywhere

Overall cost savings – digital payroll services typically have lower fees than traditional methods.

Angel Bookkeeping is based in Worthing and supports businesses across West Sussex

Payroll software – what do we use?


Using Brightpay for digital payroll services allows us to easily track employee information, calculate pay, and process payments through fast payment deposit. This saves you time and ensures accuracy in our payroll processes.

Additionally, Brightpay offers secure storage of sensitive information and flexible access for both employers and employees.

Overall, using Brightpay for our digital payroll services streamlines your processes and helps you save money in the long run.

SEISS scheme in the UK


Is payroll software the same as HR software?

No, payroll software is for managing and processing employees’ salaries and wages, whilst HR software typically deals with wider human resources tasks such as performance management, benefits administration and recruitment.

A HR system will typically use software such as the following listed below to drive and enhance their HR capabilities:


  1. – all-in-one HR software
  2. Freshteam by Freshworks – Competent HR Software Solution
  3. Retable – Best for Boosting Employee Performance
  4. QuickBooks Time – Best for Employee Time Tracking
  5. ADP Workforce Now – Best for Optimizing Daily HR Tasks

Do I need a separate company to run payroll if I outsource my bookkeeping?

Not with Angel Bookkeeping. Payroll systems are in place to ensure all of your requirements are met, however, we are certainly not a standalone service – we can handle all of your bookkeeping and payroll needs.

Do I still need to submit my own payroll returns if using a payroll company?

No, we will handle all necessary payroll operations and submissions for you when processing payroll. Angel Bookkeeping will ensure they’re up to date with all relevant legislation and HMRC requirements.

Is data storage safe?

Yes, all sensitive data is stored securely and in line with GDPR regulations. Access to this information is also restricted and controlled in relation to employees access, bank transactions and all payroll processing. Instant access, although easily accessible, is only available via secure login, password protected security measures.

What is required for the initial setup of the monthly payroll?

The information needed to set up monthly payroll includes employee details (such as name, address, and National Insurance number), start dates and salary/wage information. This can easily be obtained through completing a starter checklist with the employee at the contract signing stage.