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Oct 30, 2021

10 Proven ways to Get New Customers

Attracting new customers is the life blood of any business. There is a natural lifecycle when it comes to your clients don’t assume just because you have 30 regular customers today, they will still be there tomorrow.

It’s essential that you keep marketing and promoting your business when you are busy not just when you are desperate need for new clients.1. Ask for referrals. Referrals are one of the best ways to get quality new customers. If you get on well and have a great relationship with the customers you have now, chances are you will attract the same kind of clients from their recommendations. Referrals are a much safer bet when it comes to less troublesome and problematic unknown prospects, plus, they have probably been told about how good you are and far less likely to be price hunting and are far more relieved to hear about the high quality serve you are offering.

Why spend money on advertising when you can get your existing clients to bring you more customers and recommend you. Make getting referrals fun and in the interest of your existing customers. Think if every one of your customers bought in one customer you would always have a new supply of customers.

2. Business Networking. Face to face business networking will be on its way back very soon. Business networking is probably one of the best ways to meet and chat with business owners and entrepreneurs in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure on one or the other to sell or buy. Most sales come off the back of interesting conversations between likeminded people.

3. Discounts for a limited time. Many business owners make the mistake of offering a discount without a time limit on the offer, a discount without an end date, is nothing more than a cheap priced product with no value. If you are seen as providing a cheap product or service, it’s difficult to get over any value you may have to offer. Far better to offer a premium product or service and offer a limited time discount to get customers on board.

Deadlines on offers make people act. Most people have got it wrong on potential customers decision-making, they think customers decide to buy or not to buy this is a massive mistake. A lot of your potential customers don’t decide not to buy from you, they just never make the decision they put it off and off and never make a decision.

4. Re-contact old customers. Go back though your old customer lists and send them a friendly email asking how they are and ask about their family and business. Many people stop using your service not because you did anything wrong it could be something as simple as another business approached them who were cheaper, are they still happy with the service they are getting? Maybe because you didn’t contact them, they thought you didn’t care about the business they were giving you.


Number one reason for people not buying from you anymore is the business ignored them.

5. Improve your website. When you have a website that depends on organic traffic from the web do not go for cheap off the shelf easy to build platforms, most of these are not SEO friendly and Google will not rank them effectively. They may be cheap to set up, but they normally have high monthly fees. Far better to invest in a website that has been developed using a professional platform such as WordPress. Make sure your website passes the 8 second rule and you have a call to action on your homepage.

6. Expand your product range. It’s far easier to sell products to customers that you already have a relationship with, if they are happy to buy from you and trust you on one product or service, chances are they will buy other services or products they need off you. A perfect example of this would be a martial arts / self defence business starting a women’s martial arts fitness class, or a garage that does car MOTs and servicing, and adding on a car valeting service to attract more customers and offer to their existing customers.


7. Build your business using the 80/20 rule. All customers are not equal. 20% of your customers are normally responsible for roughly 80% of your profits. Instead of just trying to increase your customer base, you need to . . .


Identify the group of clients that are spending the most money with you and see what they have in common. You can then use Facebook targeted advertising to find those lucrative clients.

Age, gender, certain types of business, interests or hobbies and location.


8. Use online reviews. Getting online google reviews is great for putting potential new clients at ease about using your service, plus it helps you with your Google ranking and helps get your website onto the first page especially if you are offering a local service.

9. Marketing budgets are not a great idea. Unless you have a limited capacity for the amount of business you can deal with, then a marketing budget is a false economy. If you are limited to the amount of business, you can take on then you have to take a real honest view of your prices if you are looking for higher profit margins you have to ask yourself the difficult question, you are charging enough. Example if you spend £500 a month on Facebook advertising and its returning 2k per month in new business revenue, why would you not spend 1k per month to generate 4k in new revenue?

10. Direct Mail. In the age of the internet, Facebook and Google business owners tend to go with the easy option and forget about traditional methods such as direct mail. Direct mail is still very effective. Direct mail has been used effectively to get new business for many years, small business and medium businesses do not use it nearly as much as they should.

There is still a large proportion of the population who still want something of value and physical in their hand before they hand over money to you.

It feels more trustworthy.

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