Five Reasons to Invest in Our Payroll Outsource Services


With Angel Bookkeeping’s payroll outsource services, you can have the peace of mind that you deserve. Perhaps you worry that you’re falling behind on payroll. You may also spend many more hours on this important task than you strictly need to. And, everyone needs more time in their day, don’t they?

Of course, we appreciate that handing over payroll services to another business may be daunting. You may have questions, and feel insecure about it.

Peace of mind

Relieve stress. Put your trust in Angel Bookkeeping and focus on your core business.


Large organisations often have their own payroll departments – with accepted costs. However, SMEs may not always feel the same. Why? Because payroll software can be costly, and you have to spend money on staff training. In our opinion, you may be surprised by how much money you could save when you outsource your payroll.


Outsourcing your payroll means one key thing. And, that is? That your employees will receive their wages and salaries on time, every time.

Basically, we all know how stressful payroll duties can be. Should you make a mistake, it can be time-consuming, difficult and stressful to put things right. Don’t be that Managing Director. Get the reassurance you need by contacting Angel Bookkeeping, and we’ll get everything going.


Another key point is experience. Likewise, expertise. A payroll company with know-how can see the bigger picture and will be worth its weight in gold. With Angel Bookkeeping, not only does this offer you confidence, you’ll know that all those extra fiddly bits will also be taken care of.  And, you won’t need to get involved!

Have it your way

With payroll outsource services, you’ll still be in the driver’s seat. In fact, you’ll be able to stay in control and have your say on what you need. Any reputable company should offer you flexible services, addressing your concerns confidently and promptly. Significantly, we provide bespoke solutions that meet the requirements of your business.


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Why Choose Angel Bookkeeping for Outsource Payroll Services? 


Generally, people spend up to six hours every month on payroll duties alone. That’s nearly a whole working day. In brief, we would like to relieve you of this heavy burden. With this in mind, we’d love to use our expertise to take over the payroll duties in your business. Why? Because you’ll be able to focus all your energies on growth and development. And, looking after your clients.

In fact, we have a genuine passion for supporting small to medium businesses in Worthing. Not only do we offer high-quality payroll services, we can also support other accountancy firms that don’t have a payroll department. With our help, you will never have to worry about missing a payday deadline, ever again.

Angel Bookkeeping uses powerful HMRC-approved software (Brightpay), to ensure we miss nothing and complete your payroll to the highest possible standards. We’ll calculate precisely how much you need to pay ach employee. Plus, the amount you will need to transfer to HMRC for tax and NI. Equally, your employees will  receive electronic payslips, which they can access via the Brightpay app.

I offer a flexible and bespoke service that covers duties such as:

  • Calculating employees net and gross pay
  • Processing p45s and P60s
  • Ensuring correct tax codes are in place
  • Calculating tax, national insurance and pension contributions
  • Dealing with staff pay-related queries
  • Completing your HMRC paperwork
  • Calculating your HMRC payments
  • Organising staff pension contributions
  • Completing statutory payments such as sick pay and maternity pay
  • Completing and submit Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) returns


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